About me

Contact: 0720 45 40 83 | hello@jansandahl.com | Linked In | Facebook | CV (Swedish)

Hi! I am a versatile 3D generalist and experienced freelance retoucher who’ve worked directly with The Absolute Company (TAC) to mention the most renowned returning customer alongside advertising agencies in Gothenburg and elsewhere. I enjoy variation and I still love doing retouch.

3D has been there as a tool in the background, mostly as a hobby. Now, I’m currently enrolled in a 3D design and visualization education at YRGO in Gothenburg, in order to boost productivity, consolidate and sharpen the skills I already have to new levels. Virtual Reality is also an area of interest. So far I just haven’t had the gear to fully dive into it.

Meditation is an important personal cornerstone to mention. Let me tell you about what that one brought into my life! I’m also a musician and made the music for my showreel.

Let’s meet and fill in the gaps.