3D on ice and the future

Ice Mountains
Ice Mountains. Created in Blender 3D with backdrop added in Photoshop.

My older brother Lars died unexpectedly in May 2018.

That, and the circumstances around it affected me so much I felt I had to take  break from my 3D studies. As of now (July 2019) it does not look as if I will be pursing a 3D career. But who knows what the future holds?

Thanks for checking in!

(Update: As of July 23 2023 I’ve turned off commenting because of spambots)


Ad for Adam A3X studio monitor

This is a personal CG animation from school (3D Product Visualization at YRGO). The materials are for now far from what I want them to be. I’d just begun to take the first steps in the V-ray renderer and time ran out, as it also had to be rendered before the deadline. There are som obvious issues with flickering and lighting too. A version 2 is in the making meant to fix this and more.

PS. No real speakers were harmed in this production.