3D on ice and the future

Ice Mountains
Ice Mountains. Created in Blender 3D with backdrop added in Photoshop.

My older brother Lars died unexpectedly in May 2018.

That, and all circumstances around it affected me so much I felt I had to take  break from my 3D studies. Processing it and going through the great efforts that are needed at school at the same time I knew wasn’t going to work. As the summer and funeral have passed, I’m now recharging my batteries and I have begun being really serious about physical excercise. Also, because I needed it from years of sitting behind a computer without it. So, now I’m proving to myself that I have what it takes to get back to the final year (and beyond) in product visualization at YRGO here in Gothenburg.

Meanwhile I’m now looking for a job as a personal assistant, which is something I have also done many years back, in the 1990’s. So, excercise and work until next year (Aug-Sept 2019). While nothing is written in stone, I may continue doing that as it is something I like doing. If I pick up my studies again relies on how I feel physically regarding energy levels and motivation. Already after about 15 times at the gym, I’m feeling a lot better. This is something I’ll keep doing and it’s  an important victory in itself.

Meditation practices will also continue, and deepen. It is too powerful and interesting to keep away from.

Ad for Adam A3X studio monitor

This is a personal CG animation from school (3D Product Visualization at YRGO). The materials are for now far from what I want them to be. I’d just begun to take the first steps in the V-ray renderer and time ran out, as it also had to be rendered before the deadline. There are som obvious issues with flickering and lighting too. A version 2 is in the making meant to fix this and more.

PS. No real speakers were harmed in this production.