3D on ice and the future

Ice Mountains
Ice Mountains. Created in Blender 3D with backdrop added in Photoshop.

My older brother Lars died unexpectedly in May 2018.

That, and the circumstances around it affected me so much I felt I had to take  break from my 3D studies. As of now (July 2019) it does not look as if I will be pursing a 3D career. But who knows what the future holds?

Thanks for checking in!

(Update: As of July 23 2023 I’ve turned off commenting because of spambots)


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  1. Hi JAn!

    Sorry to hear about your brother. I know how it feels when we lose someone close as I lost my mother… a few years back. But your brother will always be with you.

    Looking for references about an icy landscape planet, I found your image on google and I really loved it. And I felt for you and and your words. Sometimes we do have setbacks, hard ones… I don’t know if 3D is still your dream in 2020, but I feel I need to tell you that even though you lived some truly tough times, your dreams are too important to give up. The images I saw here does not by any mean show me that you can’t achieve it. In fact, it got me to stop at your site, which it something in itself.

    I’m finishing a project for my mentor with this icy landscape thing, after I procrastinated (3 years). Yet, having no idea if he’ll want to pursue mentoship with me after this time, I took on a scifi class this fall to show my seriousness and get this going. And I had to learn 3D when a month ago, I believed it was impossible for me. All this story is to tell you that whatever you’re going through, don’t give up.

    I think you’re talented, and whatever your life circumstances, age or conditions, always keep making small steps towards your dreams, every day. I’m sure your brother will be watching over you somehow, and bring help along the way.

    When I create my 3d scene tonight, I will take my inspiration from yours. Keep up the great work.

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